LED Light Guide

Fingbox LED Legend and Meanings

Color Motion Meaning
White Single light Powering up
Green Pulsing Ready for activation
 Blue Steady/
Normal Operation. This is the new LED quiet mode which is enabled by default during onboarding.
 Blue Half-circles alternating New devices detected: open Fing app to recognize or block them!
 Blue Green Spinning CW Bandwidth Analysis running
 Blue Spinning CCW Internet Speed Test (uploading)
Green Spinning CW Internet Speed Test (downloading)
 Blue Opposite lights spinning CW WiFi Speed Test
 Blue  Sides pulsing DigitalFence sensing
 Blue Sides pulsing Change received (e.g. when blocking a device)
 Pink Steady, dark pulse every 3s Security Alert! Please open the app and check
 Orange/Red  Pulsing Internet unreachable for more than 5 minutes. Please check Fingbox cable and ISP modem/router
 Yellow  Spinning CW Upgrade in progress

Dimming or Turning Off Fingbox LEDs

You can easily turn-off or dim Fingbox LEDs.

To turn off or adjust Fingbox LED lights:

Dim or turn-off Fingbox lights by opening the Fing app and:

  • Clicking on your icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Click Fingbox settings
  • Move the slider on the LED Brightness setting to adjust brightness
  • Use Do Not Disturb to keep the lights low and only brighten when attention is required (below the LED Brightness slider)

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