Fingbox vs Domotz Pro

Fingbox,  is a home network security and Wi-Fi troubleshooting toolkit that is designed for simple home and office networks. You can read about Fingbox’s network security and troubleshooting features.

Fingbox – Your own Home or Office Network

Fingbox is designed to enhance network security and troubleshooting for networks which are managed by a single person. It’s designed for personal use for independently managing networks and devices. It includes enhanced network security features but lacks features for providing remote tech support to others when compared to Domotz Pro. Fingbox is focused on two core feature scopes:

Fingbox is focused on two core feature scopes for remote network management:

  • Network Security: Digital Presence, Alerts, Monitoring, DigitalFence, Device Blocking and Hacker Threat Check
  • Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: Internet Speed, Wi-Fi Speed, Bandwidth Analysis and Internet Troubleshooting

Fingbox vs Domotz Pro – For providing Support to other Home and Office Networks

Domtoz PRO, however, is a remote network monitoring and tech support solution that home automation integration professionals to deliver remote support services to their clients. It is not intended for consumers or home networks, although we do have a version for self-taught network enthusiasts. Domotz Pro essentially allows a support agent to be aware of problems in a client’s home proactively and intervene remotely, often in conjunction with a support contract.

Domotz Pro key features (absent in Fingbox) are the following:

  • Remote professional network monitoring (IP/ZigBee and soon other protocols)
  • Automatic network mapping
  • Remote access to devices (web, console, remote desktop)
  • Remote power management (by supporting smart PDU and PoE switches)
  • SNMP monitoring
  • Team management for larger organizations
  • Client management via the Violet Digital end-customer app
  • Manufacturer support
  • Remote tech support provision

If you are a current user of Domotz Pro in a professional setting, the new Fingbox would not offer any value to your work environment or professional needs, but if you are looking for a simple solution to home network security and troubleshooting then Fingbox is the one!

Fingbox vs Domotz Pro key takeaway

The key takeaway is that if you are a single network or independently managing your own networks, then Fingbox is for you. If you are managing multiple networks and providing remote support as a service to other networks, then Domotz Pro is for you.


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