Domotz Pro can now be installed on Fingbox hardware

Additionally to the existing Domotz hardware options, Domotz Pro can now be installed on any Fingbox device. Below are the steps that you must perform in order to activate a new Domotz Agent on this new supported hardware.

Step 1
Ask your customer to activate their Fingbox with their own Fing account credential.

Step 2
Once ready, ask them to install Domotz Pro on their Fingbox, following these instructions on the Fing App:

  1. Choose the Fingbox Network from header dropdown list
  2. Tap on the Network summary row in order to access the full details page
  3. At bottom, tap on “Install” in the “Install a Domotz Pro Agent” section
  4. When prompted to insert a Domotz Pro account, your Domotz Pro account email should be used


Your customer tasks are concluded, you will now be able to manage the new Agent activation on the Domotz Portal. The Domotz Pro Agent is being installed on the Fingbox, and you will soon be able to activate it. The installation process may take up to 10 minutes.

Please note that your customer will have no visibility or access to any of the Domotz Pro features. They will continue to use the Fing App to manage and use their Fingbox. The Domotz Installation they have just performed, will just allow them to access external support from you.

Step 3
Access Domotz Portal with your credentials. You will see a pending “Fingbox Support“ request at top of your Agents list. You still need to wait for the installation process to be concluded before proceeding.

Step 4
Once the Agent is fully installed on the Fingbox (about 10 minutes), pressing Activate button you will be able to activate it like a classic Agent, selecting the desired plan and expiration.

Your new Domotz Agent running on the Fingbox is now active and ready to monitor your customer network. You will be able to manage and stop it anytime you want, just like you do with classic Domotz Agents. It will always be marked with a Fing icon next to it, to help you recognize it among other networks.


If I change any device name/information on Domotz Pro, what will my customer see on their Fing app?

You can perform any changes you want on your Domotz Agent without affecting your customer Fing experience. They will continue to see their devices names and preferences, and you will be able to use Domotz Pro tools and features at their full potential.

If my customer changes any device name or information on Fing, what will happen on Domotz Pro side?

Data are segregated and tools are distinct. All the changes performed on the Fing app will not affect your Domotz Agent and will not impact your work. And viceversa.

Why I cannot see/activate Violet app on a Fingbox Support Agents?

Violet app cannot be activated on Fingbox Support Agents as your customer already has the Fing app to do similar things.

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