DNS Filtering: Threat Protection

This feature is currently only available to our Fingbox Business Beta Testers.

The types of attack on your network continue to increase and often it can happen without your knowledge. Protecting those on your network is a never-ending challenge, with new threats appearing on the internet every day.

The Fingbox DNS filtering Threat Protection feature protects users and their devices from malware, phishing, BotNets and ransomware. With the DNS filtering capability of Fingbox, you can be assured that those on your network can browse the Internet safely and securely.

How is DNS Filtering done?

To allow Fingbox to advertise the correct DNS service to devices on your network, it will need to become the DHCP server, allocating IP addresses to all devices that present themselves on your network.

Once this is active, all traffic to and from the Internet passes through Fingbox which automatically scans the traffic to determine whether the policies are met and the data/content delivered. All this is done in real-time.

Access and restrictions are configured through a whitelist and blacklist, managed through the Fingbox app.

Enabling Fingbox DNS Filtering

Before enabling the DNS filter on Fingbox, you should first disable the DHCP service on your router. It is recommended that any devices configured with static IP addresses are recorded prior to disabling DCHP on your router.

To configure Fingbox as the DHCP server, go to ‘Enable Cyber Security’ under the Network tab, and click ‘Automatic Set up’.

a screenshot of the dns filtering configuration

Then click ‘Go Ahead’.

a screenshot of setting up the dns filtering

Fingbox will now enable DHCP services automatically. During this configuration step, your Fingbox will assign itself a static IP address and complete a reboot so all settings are effective.

Once the configuration is complete, you can click the button to ‘Enable DNS Filtering’ under the Network tab.

Should any other DCHP server be detected by Fingbox after this process, a warning will be shown in the Fing app.

If you are having difficulties with this step please contact us on support@fing.io.

Managing Your Threat Protection & Disabling DNS Filtering

To access your Threat Protection feature simply visit the Network tab. Under the Protection segment, you will see ‘Threats Blocked’.

a screenshot of the threat protection feature

If you click on this you will see a summary of the threats that have been blocked by the DNS filtering. To edit your filters click on Edit in the top right hand of the summary screen and it will take you through to the settings screen.

A screenshot of the dns filtering threat protection feature

Here you can easily Disable/Enable threat protection, and white or blacklist certain websites. Here you can also completely disable DNS Filtering by clicking on the top right-hand corner DISABLE button.

Did you know you can also use Fingbox’s DNS filtering to filtering content as well?! Check it out.

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