IFTTT integration

Does Fingbox integrate with IFTTT? Yes, Fingbox can be integrated with IFTTT (unofficially). IFTTT is something that is on our radar and we’re looking into, but we do not have any timeline or specific information to share on that right now. One of our users over at Smart Home Geeks […]

Google Wi-Fi Compatibility

Does Fingbox work with Google WiFi? Yes, Fingbox is compatible with both a single Google Wi-Fi network. It also works with two Google Wi-Fi mesh networks. All features work perfectly. Compatibility with Google Wi-Fi Mesh Networks has been tested extensively by the team and all Fingbox features work great. Fingbox […]

How can I start Fing in interactive mode?

Windows On Windows, you can start interactive mode from fing shortcut in Start menu | Applications Alternatively, you may execute a Command-Line shell using Start menu | Execute and type cmd a Shell window will open, allowing you to enter the command: fing –interactive OS X Linux OpenWRT Raspberry Pi […]

How can I configure my system to run the FingKit as a Service?

Fing Kit requires a configuration file at this location: Windows: “%APPDATA%\Fing\conf\kit.properties” Linux/Unix/OSx: “/etc/fing/kit.properties” The file is created after the first execution of fing: enrichment.enabled=true license=TO_BE_EDITED_WITH_THE_PROPER_LICENSE_KEY output.folder=/var/data/fing/kit/ refresh.interval=3600000 rounds=0 Edit kit.properties and insert your license ID. After that, you can set up your system. Windows The command-line interface of Fing is […]